BDC Product Showcase, December 2016: Vibro-Acoustics’ 4 Inch Deflection Series

For this month’s product showcase, we wanted to delve into some new additions to Vibro-Acoustics’ spring isolation line. These new additions include their flagship SCSR-4A-H restrained floor spring isolators, as well as FST and SH lines. These new higher deflection springs are ideally suited for highly sound and vibration sensitive applications such as rooftop equipment installations, adjacent space installations, etc.  The higher the deflection: the more capacity to absorb vibration…it’s that simple.  Also, these isolators are able to resist the elements and are designed to save installation time and labor.

Vibro-Acoustics supplies quality equipment for more than 1,500 noise and vibration control projects a year. Their design is top-notch, which is one of the reasons that BDC, Inc. uses their systems for its vibration control applications.

Vibro-Acoustics’ new 4 inch deflection springs are powder coated and color coded, with the housings hot-dip galvanized to resist the elements. The product line is enhanced with new rubber-bottom cups made of high-strength neoprene, increasing the high-frequency vibration isolation capabilities of the springs.

This chart outlines the three main offerings and the applications they are designed for:


200 lbs to 8,800 lbs


200 lbs to 8,800 lbs


200 lbs to 600 lbs


large equipment with variable speed drives; cooling towers and chillers (upper floor or roof installations)

non-seismic, indoor situations support piping connected to equipment such as chillers and cooling towers (branch lines)

4 inch static deflection springs; optional oversized base plate


4 inch static deflection springs; floor-mounted; open spring design


4 inch static deflection springs; also good for floating pipe risers with high thermal growth

Vibro-Acoustics has also committed to making their 4 inch deflector series cost competitive, meaning that our engineers can pass along those savings to you. If you would like a cost estimate for these isolators or just a consultation, please contact us.These deflectors also boast the lowest operating height on the market, measuring only 11 inches installed. This makes them ideal for retrofit applications and cooling towers where height is an issue. We encourage you to download spec sheets and browse more products in our Earthquake and Vibration Isolation Device category.

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