BDC Product Showcase, January 2017: Honeywell ControlEdge PLC

For this month’s product showcase, we wanted to explore Honeywell’s ControlEdge PLC. ControlEdge PLC provides secure IIoT-ready connectivity with tight integration to devices and

systems from multiple vendors. The PLC is part of the ControlEdge family of controllers, providing connectivity through all levels of process and business operations.


The ControlEdge PLC is specifically engineered for process industries requiring discrete control for specific PLC applications, including water/wastewater treatment, balance of plant modular equipment, terminal automation, and coal/ash handling. It was designed with efficient operations and reduced maintenance in mind, automating several processes that previously had to be accomplished manually.


Some of the benefits of using ControlEdge PLC include:


  • OPC UA. ControlEdge provides an IIoT-ready open platform that enables users to better leverage data across their assets, as well as more direct access to cloud-based applications for visualization and analytics. The OPC UA protocol enables smooth integration with a broad range of instruments and equipment. Interoperable multi-level and multi-platform open communication provides flexible and scalable design, enabling standardization with less hardware.
  • Experion integration. ControlEdge PLC easily integrates with Experion® or Experion SCADA. Reliable integration reduces both risk and cost, with fewer coordination errors, less engineering, faster installation, less training, and reduced hardware. End users also benefit from reduced cost over the lifecycle, with smaller footprint and easier maintenance.
  • Universal I/O. ControlEdge is the first PLC to offer Universal I/O, providing remote configuration and design change flexibility for improved project implementation. Universal I/O enables the entire cabinet to become a standard part, with I/O channels quickly configurable to allow modules to serve as analog or digital and as input or output. Engineers can quickly accommodate late configuration changes remotely, using a simple software configuration change. It also eliminates tedious documentation updates for cabinet configurations and simplifies maintenance.
  • Better cybersecurity. Embedded cybersecurity solutions support compliance, while reducing risk and enhancing availability. Features include secure boot, built-in firewall, and a certified secure development lifecycle to ensure security is built in from the start.
  • Native controller redundancy.
  • Optionally redundant power supplies.
  • Compatibility with leading open network standards such as Modbus and OPC UA.
  • Powerful IEC 61131-3 programming environment.



For more about the technical details of Honeywell’s ControlEdge PLC, you can access our product page or contact us at 1-800-432-5810.


The IIoT is no longer futuristic; it is becoming a present-day reality. We are proud to provide technology that helps operations bridge the gap.

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