BDC Product Showcase, July 2016: SLATE™ Integrated Combustion Equipment Management


For this month’s product showcase, we wanted to highlight Honeywell’s SLATE management system for combustion equipment. SLATE is touted as an all-in-one solution that combines configurable safety and programmable logic together in a single system. We’ve found that the SLATE system is a worthy investment, given its modularity, flexibility, and intuitiveness.


Needless to say, combustion applications are much more complicated than they were a few decades ago. Development cycles easily take months, or years. The engineers at Honeywell noticed that most sites had individual components from multiple vendors, all running on different platforms and using different protocols (not to mention the wiring mess). SLATE is Honeywell’s answer to this complexity, offering a configurable all-in-one solution for combustion equipment management.


SLATE has several advantages going for it:


It’s flexible. SLATE can be adapted to just about any commercial or industrial combustion application. And its flexible programming tools help to implement proprietary applications more quickly.


Better yet…it has plug-and-play replacement. This means individual modules can be easily removed and replaced without purchasing and reprogramming a whole new platform.


It’s modular and scalable. With SLATE, you can buy only the modules you need and choose how to use them with simple wiring commands.


It’s intuitive. SLATE uses easy-to-understand messages, which makes real-time system monitoring and decision-making quicker and more efficient. The on-screen system guides also make it easy to find answers or troubleshoot in the field.


The built-in status indicators are particularly nice—they allow technicians to identify problems without cryptic blinking lights, fault codes, or cumbersome manuals.


It’s designed for energy efficiency. Integrated O2 trim and VFD control additions on the fuel air ratio control module ensure exceptional accuracy even as they optimize burner performance.


It works with the technology you probably already have. SLATE allows users to monitor their combustion systems wirelessly through dashboards on their smartphones and tablets. Both application kit and platform information can be downloaded and saved with an SD card and USB drive.


You can download a copy of the Honeywell Slate Brochure from our website. The last page of the brochure lists the different modules available, so you can begin to get an idea of what configuration you will need.


SLATE uses a 24 VAC/DC – 230 VAC 50/60 hz power supply, which makes it compatible with nearly all global commercial and industrial requirements. SLATE is UL certified for U.S. and Canada, FM, and CSD-1 acceptable.


BDC Inc., as Honeywell’s preferred channel partner, proudly sells and services SLATE systems. Contact us for more details!


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