BDC Product Showcase, November 2016: Seismic Cable System Install Comparison

We’ve all heard the saying, “time is money” and in today’s fast paced environment, that saying couldn’t be more true. Every minute that can be saved during an installation (while maintaining safety, of course!) is that much more savings on the bottom line.


This is one of the reasons BDC, Inc. has been highlighting how quick it is to install the Vibro-Acoustics BulletBrace™ Cable Restraint (patent pending) system versus other seismic cable systems. Simply put, quick installs create greater profit.


But don’t just take our word for it. We have solid proof: A video comparing the install time of several leading systems, head to head. So if you are considering a competitor’s system versus Vibro-Acoustics, you might want to watch this:



About Vibro-Acoustics’ BulletBrace™

Vibro-Acoustics’ BulletBrace™ Cable Restraint Kits are used to restrain non-structural components against seismic, wind, or blast forces. Typical applications include suspended equipment, HVAC, ductwork, piping, and conduit.


These kits are available in two maximum tension loads—400 lbs. and 800 lbs.—in order to better fit your particular application and need. All pre-assembled restraint kits are adjustable and optimized to install as quickly as possible. Cable length can be easily adjusted after installation to remove excessive sag.


Also, if it is found that the BulletBrace™ System needs to be relocated after installation, it’s an easy process to un-anchor and reinstall at your new location and adjust accordingly.  Would you like more information?  Contact BDC, we’re happy to help.  

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