BDC Product Showcase, October 2016: Metrix Devices for Industrial Vibration Monitoring

For this month’s product showcase, we wanted to showcase a couple of products from Metrix, an industry leader in industrial vibration monitoring systems.

Metrix can perhaps be credited for popularizing the concept of simple, affordable machinery protection. Their offerings today include mechanical vibration switch solutions, 4-20mA vibration transmitters, robust high-temperature velocity sensors, and innovative impact transmitter technology for reciprocating machinery.

SETPOINT MPS and SETPOINT CMS for Condition Monitoring

Perhaps the flagship product Metrix offers is their SETPOINT MPS system. This is a rack-based machinery protection system, designed to continuously monitor up to 56 vibration channels or 84 temperature channels in a single rack. SETPOINT MPS also features:

  • An intuitive touchscreen display
  • Completely independent and redundant power
  • Industry-first open protocol for both static (overall) and dynamic (waveform) data
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to OSIsoft PI System
  • Simplified spare parts, with just 4 basic module types
  • Ability to accept standard 24Vdc instrument power
  • Simple, spreadsheet-like configuration software
  • 4-slot, 8-slot, or 16-slot rack sizes

Behind SETPOINT MPS is SETPOINT CMS, Metrix’s proprietary condition monitoring software. This software allows systems to connect directly to the SETPOINT MPS system without the need for additional data acquisition hardware. SETPOINT CMS also provides:

  • Powerful visualization tools for machinery analysis
  • Simple, intuitive operation and configuration
  • Tight integration with OSIsoft PI System for data storage, navigation, and visualization
  • Powerful plot types: orbit, timebase, spectrum, shaft centerline, bode, trend, and more
  • Flexible data collection
  • Secure infrastructure designed to work within your IT guidelines
  • Innovative data compression algorithms that minimize storage space and bandwidth

Other Metrix Products

Of course, SETPOINT is just one of many products that Metrix makes and that BDC, Inc. is proud to carry. Other products include:

  • Single-channel vibration switches and monitors (including mechanical and electronic, indicating and non-indicating)
  • Proximity transducer systems and proximity system smart drivers
  • Seismic vibration sensors and transmitters

For more about the technical details of the Metrix products, you can access our Metrix products page and download technical specs for any of our offered products.

Here at BDC, we cannot stress enough how important it is to monitor the vibration and condition of industrial equipment. Doing so helps guarantee machine reliability, prevents downtime, and ultimately maximizes machine life.

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