Manufacturing Hiring Challenges and Your Outsourced Experts

Manufacturing’s Hiring Challenges and Your Outsourced Experts

The nature of combustion systems leaves very little room for error. This makes it difficult to build experience in-house, while it can also pose a big challenge to find experts in combustion systems. Those select few who do have expertise in the field command large salaries, which makes it costly to hire and retain them. Companies across many industries, from industrial manufacturing to biotechnology, often gain competitive advantages by partnering with outsourced combustion specialists.

Current State of Manufacturing Employment Challenges

Designing, building, and maintaining combustion systems requires significant depth and breadth of knowledge. The role includes regular inspection cycles, as well as analysis, to ensure that everything is functional, efficient, and safe. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to both recruit and retain the necessary experts to satisfy safety inspection requirements. A recent survey found that two out of every five companies have annual staff turnover of at least 20%, but only 36% of manufacturing companies budget for employee development[1].

As staffing challenges continue, companies may find it even more difficult to stay on top of their equipment maintenance schedules. Leaders have only so much bandwidth. While it occasionally becomes necessary to dedicate energy to finding qualified experts, it is absolutely critical to ensure the team is always aware of any potential equipment failures or potential hazards.

Rather than maintaining your workforce and equipment simultaneously, it’s a wiser use of resource allocation to partner with third-party specialists. In addition to having an expert level of knowledge (which includes the changing landscape of technology and safety regulations), other benefits include:

  • Instant access to leading experts
  • Reduced employee overhead and salary budgets 
  • Reduced demand for recruiting and hiring on your internal HR team 
  • Negated need for ongoing training, skill improvement, and expertise for critical safety and inspection professionals

By allocating your safety inspections for combustion systems to a well-resourced third party, you then have the opportunity to reallocate resources into other business- and income-related initiatives.

Risks of Staffing Problems in Manufacturing

The intricacies of your combustion systems certainly require a seasoned expert to avoid costly and dangerous accidents. To avoid those malfunctions, issues need to be diagnosed and solved quickly. Diagnosing those issues only by way of trial and error leads to down-time and dangerous situations that could—and should—be avoided. In addition to lost revenue, accidents and a general lack of safety could lead to further employee attrition and a lack of confidence, or morale issues. 

Engineers and technicians with the proper training and experience can diagnose and resolve those same issues much more efficiently. Experts review a range of issues to keep your combustion system running safely and efficiently:

  • Regulate burner pressure and flow
  • Keep filters clean to maintain airflow and eliminate fire hazards
  • Ensure the exhaust system is clean and functional
  • Analyze oxygen levels
  • Conduct regular maintenance to prevent issues
  • Identify performance changes and warning signs to diagnose problems quickly

Thanks to formal training, as well as on-site experience, specialized engineers and technicians have the needed mastery to maximize the efficiency and safety of your combustion system’s operation. Outsourced experts can help overcome your staffing challenges with 24/7 support, routine maintenance, and customized preventive maintenance programs. 

Trusting combustion system specialists provides organizations with access to entire teams that understand compliance, testing, and NFPA code standards. Even beyond NFPA codes and standards, the job requires experience and knowledge to implement best practices that will maximize insurance coverage without letting the rate get out of control. Access to the right engineers and technicians limits exposure to many types of danger, from physical and business threats to regulatory and legal risks.

Consistent access to these experts eliminates down-time and prevents even more serious disasters. An outsourced team creates continuity and long-term value for your facility and products. While in-house employees are occasionally unavailable or focused on the actual business, outsourced teams can be dispatched for emergency repair and other services 24/7. 

Partner With BDC, Your Outsourced Experts

BDC is more than a repair company—we’re an external resource that functions as an extension of your team. We sell parts for, design, build, and service combustion systems, so we know them inside and out. From minor troubleshooting to serious repairs—and even the creation of custom solutions—our team will keep your operation running safely and effectively.

We work with engineers and technicians who have the experience to deliver solutions that work. That expertise is available at any time, thanks to our 24/7 Field Service Support, because we know the real cost of down-time. Our technicians are up to date with the latest NFPA guidelines, which allows them to keep their cool while adhering to best practices even during a crisis.

While we are trained to react decisively to immediate needs, we also provide additional preventive maintenance training for your team, keeping your facilities stocked with the right parts. We work with your internal staff so they know what to be on the lookout for, developing a custom plan for preventive maintenance and routine system checks. From there, our own engineers and technicians perform ongoing support as we become an extension of your internal team.

Connect with us today to learn more about how we support your combustion solutions.



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