System Design Engineer

St. Louis, MO


Systems Design – Electrical & Mechanical (50%)

With safety and NFPA-86 standards as a leading principal of all designs, the systems design engineer primarily designs control panels and valve trains with the occasional need for mechanical design of air heaters / ovens or other miscellaneous products.  All systems designs are drafted using AutoCAD.  And all designs are based on customers’ requirements &/or as directed by ETO Project Manager.  The Systems Design Engineer is expected to propose any alternate design changes which may result in a better final product or lower cost with comparable quality.  Collaboration with the project manager on any proposed changes is required.  Independent research of internal documents, past project plans / drawings or external resources may be required.  Upon customer approval of systems design, the Design Engineer will generate a detailed BOM and transfer BOM to purchasing for requisition in a timely manner.

PLC Programming (20%)

With safety as a leading principal of all programming, the Systems Design Engineer will program sequence of events / processes utilizing PLC & HMI code.  All programming logic is based on customers’ requirements &/or as directed by ETO Project Manager. SDE is expected to propose any alternate design changes which may result in a better final product and collaborate with the project manager on any proposed changes.  Independent research of internal documents or external resources may be required.

Testing / QC (10%)

  • PLC – Test PLC & HMI code / logic and make changes as need to meet customer acceptance requirements.
  • Control panel & valve trains – Test of systems using detailed & systematic testing procedures. ID problems and ensure corrective action is taken as needed to meet customer acceptance requirements & BDC standards.
  • Quality Control – ensure all projects leaving our shop meet the high professional standards and expectations of the customer and the quality standards of BDC.


  • Light / occasional technical support for customers, service techs and other internal staff.
  • Start up and commission of ETO PLC jobs either remote or on site.
  • Design and evaluate flow calculations, velocities, and pressures throughout various systems.
  • The ability to size flow control valves and regulators.
  • Knowledge of control valves and various mechanical flow control devices.
  • Assist with implementation and maintenance of UL rated panel shop.
  • Ability to interact with vendors, internal and external customers while representing the company in a professional manner
  • Billable time work of upwards of 30% (design beyond standard scope, commissioning, PLC, etc)


Qualifications required to perform the job:

  • PLC & HMI Programming
  • AutoCAD
  • Electrical engineering degree with 5+ years’ experience
  • Basic mechanical knowledge and design aptitude
  • Experience in process heat and flow dynamics is a plus
  • Strong PC skills included MS Office family of products


  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Self-starter


  • The working conditions; 1) office environment 2) BDC warehouse / fabrication 3) customer production site.
  • The physical requirements – must be able to lift 50 pound package.


  • Upwards of 40% travel may be required