Our Culture

Around here, we really try to drive home the point: honest business is fun.

And the point gets across. Many of our clients tell us how honest and “un­sales­y” our service technicians and engineers are. They see us as partners and problem solvers, not just shippers and salespeople. To us, we win when we’ve earned a client’s trust, not just their business.


And we keep it lighthearted. As professional as we are, we want folks to know that there are real people behind this business­­ and we want to get to know the people behind yours.


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The Secret Sauce

How do we keep things technical and personal? Professional and fun? Really, that’s the “secret sauce” here at BDC, Inc. But we can tell you this: we love being a part of "making something." And we love helping our clients. When you are passionate about what you do every day, and you want to help others do it, finding the right balance is easy.
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