Schedule Your Free Burner System Safety Inspection

Our inspections typically take 30 minutes to complete using a 50 point NFPA compliance checklist.

  • *We service within a 2 hour radius of St. Louis, MO, Kansas City, MO, Decatur, IL, Denver, CO, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

BDC’s 4 Step Safety Program

BDC has over 69 years of experience offering an all-inclusive, dependable and disciplined safety and inspection program. There are no contracts and we only charge you for the time that it takes to test your unique system.

1 - Free Safety Inspection

Proactive Safety. We start with a FREE safety inspection that uses a 50 point NFPA checklist that can alert you of any compliance issues with your system to keep your plant safe.

2 - Safety Testing

Insurance compliance. Next we come in for the actual testing and complete the insurance company’s requirement for annual testing of all of your existing safety components.  We also take an inventory of your parts so we can respond quickly with emergency part needs and future repairs.

3 - System Repairs

Reduce Downtimes. Once testing is complete we start on the repairs. These repairs reduce the chances of failures which reduce downtimes and can increase productivity.

4 - System Upgrades

Insurance Discounts. System upgrades means you will be operating in a safe and efficient working environment. You may also approach your insurance company to receive a discount.

Safety first, right? 

Safety inspections are very important to a business but are often overlooked or forgotten. Wishing you knew how to take the pain out these safety inspections? Download our report to find out how. 

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