Eclipse SER V5

With the burner and enhanced performance recuperator coaxially mounted inside a radiant tube, the SER V5 internally transfers combustion exhaust heat back to the burner air supply in a counterflow pattern, providing high preheat temperatures.

Eclipse ThermJet

ThermJet direct fire burners feature the highest flame velocities available. The industry standard for velocity burners, the low NOx ThermJet represents a technological leap forward in every area of design and performance. Integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, set-up and adjustment.

Eclipse ThermJet PCA

The ThermJet produces an intense stream of hot gases to thoroughly penetrate the load and deliver precise temperature uniformity for consistent product quality and system efficiency.  The ThermJet offers the convenience of multi-fuel capability with no nozzle change.  Plus, you can use any control methodology…pulse firing, excess air or stoichiometric.

All ThermJet components have been pre-engineered to come together to meet your specific requirements.  You choose the capacity range, combustor type, fuel type, thread type and flame sensing components you need to do the job.