Eclipse AH-MA Burners
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Eclipse AH-MA Burners

Line burners specially designed for make-up air systems.
Inputs to 1.2 MM BTUH / lineal foot.


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The Eclipse AH-MA burners produce a uniform, odorless and smokeless flame ideal for heating fresh air in make-up and process air heating applications.

AH-MA easily passes all global standards for indoor air quality through a wide operational range. It is ETL listed, complying with ANSI Z21.20 design standards and is used in systems with meet ANSI Z83.4 / CGA 3.7 emissions standards for NOx and CO.

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Additional information

Spec 1

Assembled from straight sections, tees and crosses to produce nearly any configuration required.

Spec 2

Inputs up to 1,200,000 Btu/hr/LF

Spec 3

Up to 30:1 turndown

Spec 4

Up to 450°F downstream air temperature

Spec 5

Multi-fuel capability (natural gas, propane and butane)