Eclipse BoostPak
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Eclipse BoostPak

The Eclipse BoostPak is a reliable, cost-effective packaged solution for pumping natural gas supply pressures up to meet the requirements of high-performance combustion equipment. The BoostPak is factory assembled, wired, and tested by Eclipse. That means all Eclipse BoostPaks are shipped and ready for field power and gas connections. Units are available with flow rates from 2 CFH to 100,000 CFH and outlet pressures from 3″w.c. to 3 psig.

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Additional information

Spec 2

Response Time: No flow to flow: 0.5 to 10 seconds Flow to no flow: 2 to 60 seconds

Spec 3

Highly reliable, 316 stainless steel, explosion proof rated flow sensor with no moving parts

Spec 1

The components have been carefully selected to meet the rigorous requirements of continuously operating industrial equipment.

Spec 2

The integrated control system makes it simple to operate the BoostPak.

Spec 3

All essential components for automatic operation are enclosed in an industrial control panel to meet local and national electrical codes.

Spec 4

Configured options include an outlet regulator, flow sensor, automatic start, hazardous location rating with gas leak detection, weatherproofing for outdoor locations, and a modulating thermal bypass heat exchanger.

Eclipse BoostPak Bulletin 630C.pdf