Hauck Direct Drive Turbo Blower TBA Series
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Hauck Direct Drive Turbo Blower TBA Series

The Hauck Direct Drive Turbo Blower is available in six pressure ranges from 12-36 osig (5.2 – 15.5 kPa) and 63 different sizes ranging from 240 to 13,000 scfm (6.4 – 348 nm3 / min) for providing large or small volumes of air at constant pressures. The Turbo Blower is designed to supply air for combustion or for any low pressure air application. Some features include: integral molded scroll design, turbine bladed impeller, steel inlet guard, precisely balanced impellers that eliminate vibration, more abrasion resistant than steel blower housing, and a complete line of available accessories for adapting to any piping condition or operational requirement.


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TBA blowers can be used on any application requiring low pressure air, such as: aerating, cooling, cleaning, conveying, fluidizing, exhausting, spraying, drying, ventilating and agitating. The larger units provide both the increased capacity needed for larger furnaces as well as the higher pressures necessary for recuperation and flame shaping. Maximum inlet temperature is 200° F (93° C).

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Additional information

Spec 1

Efficiencies of up to 50% over conventional blowers

Spec 2

Meets air volume and pressure requirements with smaller horsepower

Spec 3

Reduced power consumption

Spec 4

Easily rotated to any of 14 available positions

Spec 5

Corrosion resistant for longer life