Honeywell Analytics 705 Sensor
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Honeywell Analytics 705 Sensor

The model 705 gas sensor is a low cost, explosion proof assembly fitted with “Sieger” poison-resistant combustible gas detection elements. Fully encapsulated, it is designed for use in hazardous locations.

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As World leaders in gas detection solutions, Honeywell Analytics’ Sieger systems provide the most efficient, practical and cost-effective fixed-point equipment. Wherever protection is required from flammable or toxic gasses, you can rely on Honeywell’s equipment to provide practical solutions and to help keep your business running safely and profitably.

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Spec 1

Fast response.

Spec 2

High resistance to catalytic poisoning.

Spec 3

Low cost, high-performance design.

Spec 4

Low power consumption.

Spec 5

Accurate, trouble free gas detection.

Spec 6

Corrosion resistant aluminum construction.