Honeywell Analytics XNX Universal Transmitter
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Honeywell Analytics XNX Universal Transmitter

The Honeywell XNX is designed for flexible integration, simple installation, user-friendly operation and straightforward maintenance. It is ideal for use with a range of gas monitoring controllers or industry standard PLCs. The introduction of Honeywell’s HART Enhanced Device Descriptor Language (EDDL) software provides users with an at-a-glance indication of the health of their gas detectors in the field.

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Additional information

Spec 1

Flammable gas detection 0 to 100% LFL/LEL

Spec 2

Point IR with heated optics provides immunity to poisoning and no hidden faults

Spec 3

Open-path IR flammable gas detection in LEL-m measurement

Spec 4

Electrochemical cell offers toxic gas detection in ppm

Spec 5

IR cell provides CO2 and combustible gas monitoring

Spec 6

Robust and reliable operation in explosive areas and harsh environments