Honeywell ControlEdge PLC
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Honeywell ControlEdge PLC

The PLC is part of the ControlEdge family of controllers providing unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations. It is one of the fist controllers supporting Honeywell’s IIoT-ready initiative. Users benefit from an easier configuration, efficient operations and reduced maintenance as the PLC helps liberate plant personnel from manual processes. Its use of OPC UA protocol and its built-in cyber security enable smooth integration to a range of instruments, equipment and software. By offering Universal I/O, ControlEdge provides remote configuration and late design change flexibility for improved project implementation as part of the LEAP™ project execution methodology.



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Spec 1

Faster system setup, testing and troubleshooting

Spec 2

Flexible and scalable design

Spec 3

Standardization with less hardware

Spec 4

Built-in cyber security, Investment protection and easier meainenance, Seamless support