Honeywell DCP50 DIN Programmer
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Honeywell DCP50 DIN Programmer

Small sized equipment needs compact controllers which can easily fit in the panel and provide a high degree of control for process variables. The DCP50 is a 1/16 DIN controller/programmer that brings together advanced functionality and reliability in an affordable package.

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Spec 1

DCP50 is a microprocessor-based controller/programmer dedicated to monitoring and controlling temperatures, pressure and levels in a wide range of applications such as the plastics and food industries, furnaces, packaging and environmental chambers.

Spec 2

These micro-processor based controllers are easy to use, quick to configure and offers outstanding flexibility, enabling users to configure it for many applications and change it as their control requirements evolve.

Spec 3

Designed for tough production environments, DCP50 controller/programmer is highly secure and ensures data integrity during adverse conditions such as a power failure.

Spec 4

DCP50 controller/programmer offers a high accuracy of 0.25 % of span ± 1 LSD to enable accurate control and increased productivity.