In agriculture, technology can increase both quantity and quality, adding value to your operations. But that technology has to be durable, reliable, and most importantly, safe.


BDC, Inc. can take some of the headache out of agricultural processing and help you make the most out of your operation. If you have a part or a system that needs replacing, we can provide a replacement quickly. We also provide custom parts and systems, helping with design, prototyping, installation, and testing. Parts and systems can be shipped to you or installed by our own engineers, and we do constant quality control checks to validate their performance and safety.

  • Quality dryers, burners, and other critical products
  • Installation--­­ with quality control checks
  • Top-­notch service, from our office and in the field
  • Innovative, cost-­effective solutions
  • Rigorous inspections
  • Help with compliance
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