Saying you need a burner or a control panel for industry is like saying you need a cake for a get-together: true, but the devil’s in the details. Whether you need a simple replacement part or are redoing your entire process, attention to detail is the key to getting up and running­­ and getting to market faster.


At BDC, inc., we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and industry­-specific knowledge. We can find replacement parts for you, or can help you fabricate what you need. Parts or control systems can be shipped to you or installed by our own engineers. We do constant quality control checks to make sure that your parts and the rest of your processes play nicely together, validating their performance and safety. And we document everything, so that each step of the project is available for your review.


  • Innovative, cost-effective solutions
  • Design and prototyping help
  • Quality parts and control panels
  • Installation--with quality control checks
  • Top-notch service, from our office and in the field
  • Rigorous inspections and insurance agency approval
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