Chemical & Refining Plants

In no other industry are issues of safety, contamination, and control more important than in the chemical and petrochemical industries. A failed part, a missed problem, or a failed inspection can mean untold lost revenue and legal entanglements.


So, it’s important to keep your processes tight. BDC, Inc. can be your partner in the fight, making sure that you have the parts, the service, and the inspections you need. We provide a number of quality parts, including dryers, heaters, boilers, and control valves, as well as custom control panels. All of these and more can be installed by our own engineers, who also do quality control checks to make sure that your parts and the rest of your processes play nicely together.

  • Quality dryers, heaters, boilers, and other critical products
  • Installation­­-- with quality control checks
  • Top­-notch service, from our office and in the field
  • Innovative, cost­-effective solutions
  • Rigorous inspections
  • Help with compliance
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