Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical

Between federal and state regulations, delicate processes, and high demand for quality, food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturing can be a real challenge. And there’s little room for variance or error.

That’s why companies in these industries turn to BDC, Inc. for high quality parts, equipment, and control systems. Whether you need standard equipment, a custom control panel, or a totally new and innovative solution, BDC can help you every step of the way. We can help source parts, design and prototype new equipment, and help with installation and testing. Along the way we use constant quality control checks to make sure that your processes work, delivering safe and effective product. And we document everything, so that each step of the project is available for your review. Not only we will take some of the headache out of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processes and inspection, we’ll let you rest easy knowing that your processes are safe, well controlled, and efficient. 

  • Innovative solutions
  • Design and prototyping help
  • Quality parts, analytical instruments, and control panels
  • Installation--­­ with quality control checks
  • Top­-notch service, from our office and in the field
  • Rigorous inspections
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