Combustion Solutions

Need Custom Combustion Solutions?

In a perfect world, mass produced parts would fit perfectly into any system, any industry, with control panels and processes even a toddler could use.  

But the world is not perfect—we know that. That’s why we make it a point to know our equipment, our systems, and industry processes intimately. BDC. Inc. can customize a solution that fits your particular needs insuring that it meets your particular process requirements. We can devise systems to meet any custom requirement and safety codes, solutions that are safe, efficient and clean.

Valve Train
Pre-engineered safety valve train. Valve trains can be configured to meet your particular applications.
Air Heaters
Used in multiple processes, our air heaters are custom engineered to meet your process requirements
High temp furnace? Finishing oven? Air Heater? Thermal Oxidizer? Reactor? There is no single combustion solution for all these items; let BDC’s experience guide you in selecting, sizing and applying your appropriate solution.
Is Customization Right for You?

Good question. Existing solutions are best for some processes. You know what you are getting, installation and testing a pretty standardized, and documentation already exists. However, not all industrial applications are going to be so cut and dry. You’ll know if you are getting stuck at a point in your process, or hit a bottleneck, or just aren’t seeing the efficiency you were hoping for. That’s when you call BDC, Inc. We’ll work with you and your team to devise a custom solution to get the most out of your equipment.

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