Everything we do at BDC has one purpose: Keeping your facility operational.

It’s evident in our inventory of over $1 million in burner-related parts. But parts are just a small part of what we do. Our Elite Heat Combustion Pros are ready 24/7/365 for everything from emergency burner repairs to preventative maintenance. Break, Fix, Run. They get the job done right and right on time.

Their speed is only matched by how fast they can check the health of your burner systems. This Power-Up audit takes just a few minutes of their time, no charge. While they are in the field our engineers are designing, prototyping and testing custom combustion and automation solutions until they achieve perfection. At BDC, we never stop. And that’s how we’ve kept our customers running strong since 1946.

Our Elite Heat engineers can ignite your manufacturing process with the most innovative, cost-­effective solutions

1946 The Brandwine Equipment Co., forerunner of BDC, Inc., is founded. It was originally a manufacturer’s representative for Eclipse Fuel Engineering and Rockwell Heat Treating Furnaces. The Eastern Missouri/Southern Illinois trade area was in the middle of an industrial growth period at the time, and the company flourished under ‘Brandy’s’ leadership. Several product lines were added during those early years, such as temperature control instruments.

1976 An employee group purchases the company, officially forming BDC, Inc. Its new mission is to be the dominant source for environmentally sound, cost efficient industrial combustion and process control equipment. The group, led by Ben Conner, continued to concentrate on growth by implementing a distributorship operation within the business to support the combustion equipment sales. Products included spark plugs, flame rods, gas pressure regulators, temperature controls, and flame supervision controls.

1990 Charlie Roth purchases the company in its entirety. Around this time the industrial marketplace in the region begins to decline, as several large manufacturing concerns in the company’s key markets close. Survival and growth required the addition of products and services that would differentiate BDC from the typical specialty equipment representatives of the time.

1992 In response to client demands, the “Engineered to Order” group is started. The mission of this team is to integrate the products manufactured by our various principals and others into ‘packaged solutions’ meeting our customer’s specific needs. Since its inception it has successfully commissioned nearly three thousand successful projects, from simple pre­-piped and pre­wired valve trains and custom packaged burners to complete automated process systems.

2006 BDC moves into its current location, a modern 25,000­sq. ft. office/warehouse/shop facility in the north­western portion of St. Louis County. The larger facility greatly enhanced BDC’s ability to inventory products and service our growing client list.


BDC also purchases Heat Process and Control in Kansas City in order to enhance service levels throughout Western Missouri and Kansas. Six full time field service technicians, a field sales engineer, and local inventory are available from our N. Kansas City, MO office.

2014 BDC purchases R L Weisheimer & Associates, greatly enhancing our team’s capabilities and product offerings for flow, level, pressure, and sensing devices as well as additional control valve offering.

2015 Today, BDC boasts of a fleet of twenty full time, well trained service technicians, six degreed engineers, and three engineering/project managers, as well as a great group of customer service reps, shop assembly, warehouse personnel, and administrative support staff. But even with all its growth over the years, BDC remains a fun, honest, and “down to earth” company­­– because honest business is fun.


BDC is an active member of the National Fire Protection Association, frequently participating in standard review committees, the Measurement and Control Association of America, and the Industrial Heating Equipment Association.

BDC, Inc. is proud to be a UL 508A Certified control panel shop. This means that we hold ourselves to high standards for safety and reliability. Our products are assembled and tested to meet the latest UL standards.

Our safety inspection and testing services comply with the recommendations and standards produced by the National Fire Protection Association and FM Global Insurance requirements. All calibration equipment and gauges used for the assembly or routine calibration of your equipment are routinely re­-certified to NlST standards.

Standards for safety, reliability, and efficiency go beyond a simple piece of paper–­­ it’s at the heart of everything we do.

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