Municipalities have very specific processing needs. BDC, Inc. can work with your municipality or department to ensure that you have the parts, equipment, and service needed to keep key city functions running smoothly. Key city functions we have traditionally specialized in include:


Wastewater Treatment


Different wastewater processes have varying requirements when it comes to flow, pressure, and analysis. BDC, Inc. sources a number of different valves, flow meters, pressure switches, and other critical parts, as well as control panels and analytic instruments. We can also help with installation, testing, and inspections to comply with federal, state, and local regulations.


Natural Gas


With natural gas, safety and control are primary concerns. BDC, Inc. sources a number of quality heat exchanges, boilers, valves, process control, as well as control panels and analytic instruments. Besides installation, calibration, and testing, we can also help with compliance and insurance agency approval.

  • Quality parts and systems
  • Installation, calibration, and testing
  • Top-­notch service, from our office and in the field
  • Rigorous inspections
  • Help with insurance agency approval
  • Help with compliance
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