Pietro Fiorentini Norval Pressure Regulator
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Pietro Fiorentini Norval Pressure Regulator

Norval pressure regulators are direct acting devices for low and medium pressure applications, controlled by a diaphragm and counter spring. These regulators are suitable for use with previously filtered, non-corrosive gasses and Bio Gas, depending upon its composition. The modular design of the Norval pressure regulator allows the addition of a slam shut device for use as an “in-line monitor” installed in the same body, without changing the face-to-face dimensions.

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Spec 1

Compace Design / Top Entry

Spec 2

Easy Maintenance

Spec 3

Fast Response Time

Spec 4

High Turn-Down Ratio / High Accuracy

Spec 5

Low Operation Costs

Spec 6

Wide Range of Applications