Honeywell SmartLine STT850 Temperature Transmitter
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Honeywell SmartLine STT850 Temperature Transmitter

The SmartLine STT850 temperature transmitter is designed to deliver very high performance across varying ambient temperatures. The total installed accuracy level of the transmitter, including the ambient temperature effect, allows the STT850 to replace virtually any transmitter available today.​​​​

The SmartLine family is also fully tested and compliant with Experion ® PKS providing the highest level of compatibility assurance and integration capabilities. SmartLine easily meets the most demanding needs for temperature measurement applications.




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Additional information

Spec 1

Digital accuracy up to 0.1 degrees Celsius for RTD

Spec 2

Stability up to 0.01% of URL per year for ten years

Spec 3

125 mSec update time for single input models / 250 mSec update time for dual input models

Spec 4

Sensor matching facility for higher accuracy