Some Say Love Is a Flame…But Here’s Why We Think It’s an Industrial Burner.

Yes, it’s coming up on Valentine’s Day again. (If this is news to you, it’s probably time you stopped reading and went out and got something nice for that special someone!)

We’re not going to claim to be experts on love. But we are experts on all things flame and burner related. And, believe it or not, that expertise has given us some pretty useful insights into how to approach those nearest and dearest to us…especially when hotter emotions are involved.

In fact, that’s why we say love isn’t a flame — it’s an industrial burner.

Here’s how:

It can start with a spark, but needs fuel. Lots of burners start with an initial electrical spark. Many relationships start with a spark, too. But for a burner to do its job, that spark has to come in contact with the right kind of fuel and in the right ratio. Same with love: No matter how much “spark” there is, the heat comes from fuel: things like shared interests and mutual respect.

As with burners, it’s not just heat — it’s stability. When we install or service a burner, of course we want to make sure it gets up to temperature quickly. But steady heat is key for most processes. Same with those we love. They don’t write romance novels about loves that flare up then flame out. True love keeps burning over time.

Gotta keep ‘em maintained. Nothing will ruin your day like a burner that isn’t doing it’s job — or that has become an outright safety hazard. A faulty incinerator or heat exchanger, or a leaky valve or gas line can shut down operations in no time. Just as you have to check in on your equipment, you have to check in with your loved one. Maintain your equipment, maintain your relationship — that’s how you ensure that nothing blows up.

Let’s talk about the differences.. Sure, we can talk about industrial burners, but there are lots of different kinds: Gas burners, oil burners, air heating burners, tube firing burners, and so on. Same with love: We can use the same word, but there are lots of different ways to love, as different as each couple. So don’t just do what everyone else does: Think about what you really need, and what’s special to you.

So, if you’re still wondering what on earth you’re going to do for Valentine’s Day, just remember: The “what” isn’t as important as the “why.” And if you’re really stuck, try some of the things here, here, and here.

We’ll be here with our industrial burners for a while. So go do something nice for your loved one.

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