Hauck TBAB Belt Drive Turbo Blower
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Hauck TBAB Belt Drive Turbo Blower

The Hauck Fiberglass Turbo Blowers are the product of quality engineering and rugged construction. The precision turbine type impeller and molded involute scroll combine to produce the highest efficiencies available today. This, of course, means lowest operating costs. The heavy rugged construction used throughout the TBAB series assures you years of trouble-free service. The TBAB Turbo Blower now offers a wide range of pressure & cfm. Pressures 7 to 40 osig and cfm from 90 to 90,000 assures positive selection of the proper blower size for your specific requirements.


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Additional information

Spec 1

High Performance – Low Cost

Spec 2

99 TBAB Blower-Motor Combinations: Manufactured in 20 sizes coupled with 17 motor sizes, this produces 99 combinations of blower and motor for the broadest line marketed.

Spec 3

Motors available with either CW or CCW rotation. Fourteen (14) discharge positions, which can be easily changed in the field.

Spec 4

Easy Maintenance

Spec 5

Easy Selection

Spec 6

Tested Design – Hauck TBAB Multi-Rating Tables are based on tests conducted in accordance with ASME PTC 10-1965. This standard exceeds the requirements of AMCA Bulletin 210 code. Tests were conducted with open inlet and ducted discharge.