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Nobody wants to spend precious time fussing over the installation of a piece of equipment.


BDC and Vibro-Acoustics get that, and we have made a commitment to becoming the labor-savings leader in North America. Part of that commitment is the constant re-evaluation and improvement of our existing products.


Recently, we took a look at the labor installation time on our BulletBrace Preassembled Adjustable Cable Restraint Kits. These kits are used to restrain non-structural components against seismic, wind, or blast forces. Typical applications include suspended equipment, ductwork, piping, cable tray, and conduit.


Recently, the cables within these kits were re-rated to withstand higher capacities and can now be used in more applications, with maximum spacing and minimum quantities:


New Cable Kit Ratings:

BB-13 = 1000 lb capacity

BB-19 = 2000 lb capacity


The great thing, though, is how well they can cut down on your installation time.


Ease of Installation of Cable Restraint Kits

BulletBrace Preassembled Adjustable Cable Restraint Kits make installation quick and easy:

  • Kits come completely pre-assembled, making them some of the fastest and easiest restraints to install on the market.
  • Cables are adjustable, “one size fits all,” making them suitable for just about all cabling and restraint needs. This means less time finding specific cables for each installation.
  • The higher capacities on these cables mean that you can get the same amount of restraint with fewer cables and fewer attachment points. This means less work to attach the cables and secure your equipment.

There is a minimal cost change for both of our kits. If you are interested, please see our product page at www.goBDC.com or call 1-800-432-5810.


Additional Engineering Notes:

  • Restraint kits can be used as sway bracing to restrain non-structural components—e.g., equipment, ductwork, piping and conduits against seismic, wind, or blast forces. They are not intended for gravity loads.
  • Cable restraints consist of 7×19 galvanized steel wire rope cable in accordance with ASTM A1023 and MIL-83420.
  • All hardware is galvanized or zinc plated except alloy steel set screws.
  • Restraints have been tested and rated in accordance with ASHRAE 171.
  • Restraints comply with FM1950 for use at rated load between 30 and 60 degrees.
  • Kits are supplied with fixed ends pulled tight to adjustable ends and securing set screws finger-tight against cables.
  • Some customization is available. Please contact us for more details.
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