BDC Product Showcase, February 2017: Neo+ Vibration Isolation Pads by Vibro-Acoustics


For this month’s product showcase, we wanted to take a closer look at the Neo+ Vibration Isolation Pad, which is now the standard isolation pad coming out of Vibro-Acoustics (replacing their NSN line, which is now available only by special order). The Neo+ provides high-frequency vibration isolation for mechanical and electrical equipment, including industrial equipment such as chillers, transformers, boilers, internally isolated air-handling units, transformers, and high rpm vertical heat pumps.


So what makes the new Neo+ a suitable industry standard when compared with the NSN? First, the Neo+ offers greater labor savings with its easy-to-cut design that accommodates various anchor sizes. Second, Neo+ offers higher deflection and max load. The NP-Black, for example, can accept 70 psi (482 kPa) compared with the 60 psi of the NSN. The Neo+ also has a larger operating range, which reduces risk.



Neo+ Pad



Here are the advantages of Neo+:


  • More rubber, more strength. The pads are made of high-quality and high-strength neoprene rubber, with a minimum 2750 psi compound tensile strength. At 7/8″ thickness, it also has the most amount of rubber, compared to pads by competitors.
  • Better vibration isolation with a single layer. The maximum deflection of Neo+ is at 25% of its height at 0.22″, and its design deflection is 20% of its height at 0.18″—this allows for better vibration isolation with a single layer.
  • Quicker lead times. The new labor-saving design allows installers to stock full sheets that can be cut to specifications when ready, even for non-standard sizes (although standard sheet sizes are available as well).
  • Accommodating shape for anchors. The pads can accommodate common anchor bolt sizes at the center and corners of the pad. Installers can create anchor mounting holes by simply cutting away a thin connective diaphragm. This Neo+ feature offers significant savings in installation time.
  • The price. For the most common sizes, Neo+ pads are a good 15% to 30% less expensive than their NSN counterparts.


Neo+ vibration isolation pads come in two varieties: NP-Black (40 Durometer) and NP-Green (color coded with stripes, 60 Durometer). Which variety you need will depend on the specific application and load.


For more about the technical details of the Neo+ line, you can access our product page or contact us at 1-800-432-5810.

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