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Are your automation systems efficient?

One of the biggest issues in any industrial process is that of consistent control. You can have the best equipment and the most efficient processes– but if you don’t have precise control of these, your process won’t be repeatable. In fact, you could be heading into trouble.

At BDC, Inc. we have an entire division specializing in automated control processes and customized control panels so that you can monitor, analyze, and control your most critical processes. By automating your critical processes, you can ensure that every step is consistent and safe. 

To learn more about custom control systems, control panels, or other custom work, please contact one of our application engineers.

PLC Control Panel
BDC can provide engineering and programing an fabrication services using multiple PLC platforms
Honeywell HC 900
Typical control panel featuring Honeywell products
HMI and Explosion Proof Enclosure - Extraordinarily well built industrial workstations and custom designed HMIs
What Makes a Good Burner or Process Automation System?

Automation and Control systems need more than just fancy controls. They must be precise, they must be safe, and they must be so intuitive that, when intervention is needed, human operators can get the job done quickly and easily. Safe starting and smooth operation are key. The engineers at BDC, Inc. have years of experience with burner operation and control, and have worked hard to create the best automation systems and control panels on the market. Talk to one, to see what they’ve done.

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